Career - Work Culture

the development of our human resources is a necessity in order to meet the continuously growing occupational and personal requirements.It is an integral part of INTECH ORCHEM PVT.LTD. personnel policy.We pursue staff development activities that are clearly discernible to and transparentfor each and every employee in our company.

Further training is the basic prerequisite for the job-related further development of our employees. Every senior employee is responsible for developing the qualifications of his/her team. Every employee is responsible for his/her own further development (taking the initiative himself/herself). For the benefit of focused staff development and in order to grant all employees equal treatment, we work on the basis of jointly agreed training guidelines and globally comparable conditions.

The first is extensive knowledge and experience of our domestic markets, with all their own complicated characteristics  and the second is stable and world-class professionalism in the deployment of that knowledge.  This combination is, in essence, our speciality.

The Objective Staff Developement :

To secure qualified and efficient skilled workers and managers (specialists / all rounders). To make sure that employees with specific and personal competences are available at the right time and at the right place with the necessary knowledge and skills. To promote the structured build-up of INTECH ORCHEM PVT.LTD. know-how and to create an open learning culture (life-long learning). To determine the medium-term perspectives and requirements (e.g. successor planning) in order to offer and promote development opportunities to the people working at INTECH ORCHEM PVT.LTD. To provide leadership and control tools by means of clearly defined and transparent framework conditions (e.g. training guidelines) which support the strategic demands of the organisation.